1. Sélena Stricker says:

    My favorite part about the senior section is the ‘kind words’. Reading through them made me smile!!! It’s awesome how amazing of an experience they had with you, and how good of a time they had and how they love their pictures. I’m excited I get to share the same feeing soon!!! 🙂

  2. Paige Pisha says:

    My favorite part about the senior section would have to be the Featured Seniors. Your pictures are amazing and you can see on the Seniors faces how happy they are and how much they enjoy their sessions with you. As well as the Kind Words Section. They have so many nice things to say about you and that is awesome. In some senior pictures it seems as if the students are trying to fake a smile and with your Seniors it seems like they are truly and genuinely enjoying their time. That’s amazing especially because senior year is supposed to be the best one of your four years of high school

  3. McKenzie Smith says:

    I loveeeee your senior section. You take perfect moment pictures and capture the pure moments. The pictures are bright and show awesome nature. I love that you take so much time to do your best job with each senior. I also love that you genuinely care about each senior and post about them and let everyone know how much fun you had while shooting them. It just shows that you arent in it for the money and you truly love doing it. :))

  4. Katherine McLean says:

    My favorite part about the senior section is how cute they all look! I love your photography style with the flowers and white/light backgrounds. As a big fan of blossoms, I think they all turn out very aesthetically pleasing and very beautiful. You are also so kind and so cheery about them! I’ve heard only good things about your photo shoots and they sound amazing.

    • Jennifer says:

      Aw thank you Katherine 🙂 If you love the blossoms so much, we could try to get a session in for you before they are gone! They are so beautiful!

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